Be Well, Santa Barbara

We are here to help you ‘Be Well’…

… physically and mentally, in your personal and professional relationships, and overall, everyday.

We are a Santa Barbara-based wellness team that provides convenient, accessible workplace programs to get people moving and feeling better. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to make “healthy” a habit and your success starts with proper nutrition, proper rest and exercise.

Constant stress at work, staring at a computer screen, poor posture, making deals, breaking deals, meeting demanding deadlines and negotiating pesky workplace politics—pressures like these have been propelling people into yoga and fitness classes for years. What if the classes came to you?

Finding time to balance stress relief and stress accumulation on your own is tough. Imagine if stress reduction tools, activities and support were provided in your workplace. What would it feel like to be a part of a community that not only works toward common business goals but also toward common health and wellness goals? Be Well will assist you and your company in incorporating a healthier way of life for each and every one of your employees.