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Kristin Davies—yoga, meditation, massage

Kristin Davies

Mindfulness is a practice and it can be practiced in an infinite number of ways. I grew up learning the language of dance and swimming then continued to connect with my experience through yoga. I spent years underwater intimately reintroduced to my breath, spatial awareness and gravity. I learned to create and hold space through massage and the profound healing effect of touch. For me, all of these things (and so many more) have led to my mindfulness practice. Teaching yoga, meditation and massage are an extention of my personal practice.

I love to teach and have found myself in the role of teacher many times. I became a teacher because I also love to learn. My first yoga teacher training occured in India in 2011. I went to massage school in 2013 to further my understanding of the body, touch and stress. Daily my son teaches me things I wasn't aware I needed to learn.

At the end of each session I teach I am overwhelmed with the same feeling that brings me back, time after time, to my own yoga practice. It is a sense of cool content and gratitude. I hope to leave my students feeling exactly the same way. Empowered & uplifted, content & centered, exiting in a more positive state than when they entered.

TJ Fortuna—fitness, personal training

TJ Fortuna

I take a comprehensive, integrative approach toward health and fitness and strive to develop long lasting relationships with my clients. I am a compassionate listener and thorough fitness coach, aspiring to facilitate clients on their journey toward optimal wellness.

Being a Goleta local and having the innate ability to find common ground with everyone I meet, I feel my ultimate satisfaction lies in serving the community that I was raised in by spreading the gift of health. Growing up in the fitness industry I received my first certification from the International Sport Science Association in Carpinteria. I then went on to complete my certification as a Corrective Exercise Specialist at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach accredited by the CHEK Institute and a Sports Performance Coach by USA Weightlifting.

I incorporate the following approaches into my repertoire of health and wellness: Holistic Wellness, Posture and Corrective Exercise, Post-Rehabilitation Strengthening, Primal/Paleo Nutrition, Olympic Lifting, Boxing and Weight Loss.


Kristin and TJ are both qualified in their fields, fully certified, carry liability insurance and are trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR.