Be Well, Santa Barbara


Kristin’s yoga class provides a perfect midday respite from the daily stresses of the work week. Her sessions help clear the mind while improving flexibility and balance. I am particularly happy with her emphasis on breathing and the relaxed and measured flow of the class. She also has a subtle sense of humor that keeps things less serious and structured. Kristin takes the time to be very aware of any injuries or limitations of the attendees, and works to ensure people are moving in ways that will not injure or aggravate any existing issues. I always come away refreshed and with more energy to finish up the day.

Jeff M.

After having my third child I was out of shape, mentally discouraged and in need of help. I've been working with TJ for 4 months. He has transformed not only my physical appearance but he has also helped me to develop a new outlook on my life. I feel much stronger, have more energy, better muscle definition, and a dramatically improved self image. TJ is an amazing personal trainer. He is encouraging, kind and always brings a level of experience, skill and professionalism to every workout. This is by far the best investment I have ever made for myself. Thank you for changing my life TJ!

Patricia S.

Yoga with Kristin has become a major positive force in my life. Before yoga, I had lingering back, neck and shoulder pain all of which are greatly reduced. Aside from increased flexibility and strength, which have helped in other sports (cycling, disc golf, soccer), midday yoga is very effective in shedding stress and returning to work alive and invigorated.

Farhad M.

I’ve had sciatica for as long as I can remember. The summer of 2011 it got worse. I was afraid to lift my son or anything remotely heavy for fear of irritating my back. I was out of shape and hating it. I had been taking more medication than I wanted to treat my issues, with no improvement. Ordered by my doctor, I spent the summer in physical therapy walking, swimming, and healing. After I was cleared to go to the gym, I was determined never ever to go back to feeling so helpless and hurt. A friend referred me to TJ insisting that he was the right person to improve my condition and give me my life back. I knew that a personal trainer was a big investment, but in the end it was worth every penny. TJ designed a specific plan and worked with me one-on-one to get me back on track. He not only helped me through my physical ailments, but also taught me that there is more to total health than just exercise. I spent 2 months working with TJ during which I lost 20 pounds and began living again. Afterward, I continued my journey and lost another 40 pounds. I am truly thankful to TJ for teaching me how to smile again. I have a new perspective on life and feel that the old me (the one before sciatica) is back. I feel like there are no obstacles that I cannot overcome and I have never felt or looked better in my entire life. I could not have done it without the encouragement and motivation from TJ. Thank you for helping me get my life back!

Ada G.

Kristin Davies is an excellent yoga instructor. Her style is fluid and free-flowing matching her smooth, soothing voice. She teaches with a great sense of balance of effort and ease. One of her best qualities as a teacher is her ability to quickly learn and remember each student’s individual abilities. She provides tips and adjustments to each person based on these abilities while still instructing the class on the next sequence of poses. This creates an accelerated environment for everyone to learn and improve at their own pace. I hope to continue to take classes with her for years to come and would recommend these classes to any yoga novice or enthusiast.

Wally D.

The value of a company sponsored wellness program that includes activities to enhance physical fitness and reduce stress, can’t be under-estimated. As a scientist developing new technology, clarity of thought and the ability to temporarily set aside competing priorities to fully engage on one, is critical. I find that after taking a lunchtime yoga class with Kristin I’m more focused, have renewed energy and am better able to expend that energy in ways that are optimally productive. Beyond the individual benefits, I see a lot of value in the positive relationships between employees that are built during these classes, and that then carryover into the rest of the workday.

Kristin does an excellent job at making yoga accessible to new participants while keeping it interesting for people who have more experience. She is consistently upbeat, engaging and encouraging. Her lunchtime classes are respectful of people’s time limitations, but they never feel rushed. As someone who has taken classes from a number of teachers, I appreciate her technical ability to demonstrate the poses, her verbal cues for breathing and movement, and the guidance she provides to help her students make the mid/body connections that are so important in yoga.

Ted H.